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Product Specification

Single User License Can broadcast roughly 700 Voice Messages per day Record your voice or Record voice via AI No need to hire call center agents Saves time, Money and Energy Deal with only interested parties

Included with...

  • Material Plastic
  • Software Category Desktop
  • Service Location All India
  • Color White
  • Communication Language English
  • Product Type Hybrid

Customizable Voice Prompts:

IVR platforms allow businesses to create and customize voice prompts that guide callers through the system. These prompts can be recorded by professional voice talents to convey a consistent brand image.

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Menu Navigation:

Callers interact with the IVR system by navigating through a menu of options using their phone's keypad or voice commands. The menu structure is designed to efficiently direct callers to the information or service they seek.

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Speech Recognition:

Some advanced IVR platforms incorporate speech recognition technology, allowing callers to interact with the system using natural language. This enhances user experience and provides an alternative to traditional touch-tone input.

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Transaction Processing:

IVR systems support transactional capabilities, allowing callers to perform tasks such as bill payments, order status inquiries, and appointment scheduling without the need for human intervention.

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Voice Broadcastinga

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Election Voice Call Service

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Bulk Voice Call Advertisement

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Bulk Voice Call Provider

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Trust Members Are Saying

Dr. Ananya Reddy
AquaCare Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The seamless integration and user-friendly design have not only improved our efficiency but also elevated our brand image. Our clients have taken notice, and we've received positive feedback on the enhanced communication experience.

Mr. Sanjay Verma
FutureGrowth Financial Services

rIVR requirements has been a strategic move. The system's scalability and intelligent call routing have significantly improved our call handling capabilities. Our clients have noticed the difference and provided positive feedback on the seamless communication

Mr. Anand Kumar
InnoSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Truly exceeded our expectations with their IVR solution. The customizable features and reliable performance have made our call management significantly more efficient. Our clients appreciate the professionalism and promptness of our services.

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